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Foundations for Hope and Justice Consulting empowers individuals and groups with the necessary awareness, knowledge, skills and courage to create more equitable and humanizing organizational environments.

About the Founder
Hey, I’m Dr. Alejandro Covarrubias (he/him)! I’m the Founder and President of Foundations for Hope and Justice Consulting.
I empower individuals and organizations in higher education, K-12 education, nonprofits, and beyond by developing their awareness, knowledge, and skills to identify inequity and exclusion; and create tangible strategies to build more accessible and accountable organizations.
Foundations of Hope and Justice Consulting hopes to create space for people to learn by being authentic, vulnerable, and engage in healing work.
1. Organizational Development and Leadership Consulting
Working with organizations and individual leaders to co-create and implement long term change plans rooted in equity, access, and social justice.
2. Workshops and Trainings
Providing workshops and trainings that can range from 60 minutes to multi-day retreats.
3. Keynotes and Speaking Engagements
Engaging audiences by combining conceptual frameworks with personal storytelling to invite participants to think deeper about their own stories, gain new knowledge about social justice issues, and leave inspired.
4. Individual and Team Coaching
Arranging both short term (3-6 sessions) and on-going coaching for both individuals and teams, focused on skills for deeper self-awareness and authenticity.
“In two short days, Ale helped a diverse group reach a greater understanding of their identities and individual experiences, as well as the history and systems that in one way or another tie us together. He challenged participants effectively, keeping love and empathy at the center of each conversation. He provided the necessary tools and guidance to create a safe community space.”
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