Jazlynn Pastor, Undergraduate Student, University of San Francisco 

"Mindful, moving, and empowering, Ale shows students, faculty, and staff which tools best fit them individually to engage with the community."



Mindful, moving, and empowering, Ale shows students, faculty, and staff which tools best fit them invidually to engage with the community. Thanks to Ale, I have found my passion to pursue higher education so I can continue my work with students and Cultural Centers. 

- Jazlynn Pastor, Undergraduate Student, University of San Francisco 


I had the honor of working with Ale on a summit designed to support Black and Latino men in college. In two short days he helped this diverse group of students reach a greater understanding of their identities and individual experiences, as well as the history and systems that in one way or another tie us together. He challenged students effectively, keeping love and empathy at the center of each conversation. He provided the necessary tools and guidance to create a safe community space where a group of men could laugh, cry, and feel without fearing judgement. Ale also kept in mind my needs as a new professional, providing me with resources for growth and development so that I could continue to support the group beyond our time together. He provided the students with an unforgettable experience that will help them through their college careers and beyond.

- César Delgadillo, Greek Life and Cultural Programs Coordinator, California Sate University East Bay


I love working with Alé. I so appreciate his passion and commitment to creating greater inclusion and equity in his work with students, staff and faculty. As I have partnered with him as faculty at several Social Justice Training Institutes, I have delighted in his ability to honor where participants are and then offer new perspectives and tools using his own powerful stories and examples. Participants seem to easily relate to Alé and are inspired by him to deepen their self-work and increase their capacity to create meaningful change on their campuses. I have been especially impressed with how consistently Alé explores both his marginalized and privileged identities to connect with participants and model so powerfully how they can acknowledge and own the full breadth of their intersecting identities. I look forward to every opportunity I have to facilitate with him. Each time I have not only felt fully partnered and supported by a competent colleague, but also have learned new and innovative ways to teach the material and effectively engage others in their learning. I highly recommend Alé as a social justice trainer and facilitator!

Dr. Kathy Obear, Alliance for Change



I Can, I Will: Black and Latino Men’s Mentorship Summit

San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

  • Co-developed and facilitated day and half leadership summit curriculum for Educational Opportunity Program mentorship program focused on supporting 45 first generation Black and Latino men in their academic success


University of California, Berkeley Residential Education Staff Retreat

Berkeley, CA

  • Developed and facilitated day long staff retreat curriculum for 18 professional staff members of the Residential Education team focused on creating a more inclusive workplace; developing the awareness, knowledge and skills to support the needs of a growing diverse student population; and setting strategic diversity related goals for the upcoming year


Campus Step Up: A Social Justice Retreat

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

  • Co-Developer and Co-Lead facilitator of two and half day social justice retreat for 80 student participants and 14 small group facilitators focused on intersectionality, dialogue across difference and ally skills development


Men and Masculinities Program Development and Strategic Planning

Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

  • Developed curriculum and facilitated a half day retreat for 15 professional staff members across different functional areas to help the university explore the most pressing men’s issues at Stanford and how to develop impactful programming


Education Access Opportunity Programs

University of California, Berkley, CA

  • Developed and facilitated training curriculum for 10 professional teachers and 20 teaching assistants to better serve historically underrepresented high school students in the program by expanding conversations beyond race and class to include sexual orientation, gender and ability


Compadre Talk

California Sate University Los Angeles, CA

  • Developed and implemented 3 hour workshop curriculum to support Latino men in building community, reflecting on healthy masculinities and exploring what it means to be a Latino man in higher education; and facilitated a half day retreat for the Latino Fraternities on campus to support Latino Fraternity members to build community, feel empowered, and work towards completing their degrees



School of Education: The Power of Strengths

University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA              

  • Developed and facilitated curriculum based on the StrengthsQuest assessment for 25 professional staff members in the School of Education focused on developing team dynamics and addressing challenges during times of transition in the work environment


Catalyst Social Justice Retreat

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO

  • Co-Developer and Co-Lead facilitator of two and half day social justice retreat for 60 student participants and 10 small group facilitators focused on intersectionality, dialogue across difference and ally skills development


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