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Who I Am
I am originally from Oxnard, California, a small city just north of Los Angeles known for its mild beach climate and vast strawberry fields. I am a third generation Mexican-American and a second-generation college student. My pathway into higher education, and ultimately to my doctorate, was made easier by the hard work of my parents. As a young child I was raised to center four things in my life: 1) love for learning 2) serve others, 3) make the world a better place, and 4) fight for those who were often made invisible. These core values continue to remain with me and guide my life.

My career path has taken me to different places across the country and I have served in many different professional roles, both inside and outside of higher education. And the driving force behind every decision along my journey has been to put myself in positions to be of service to others and to create a more hopeful and just world.

I am
grounded in the power of critical hope and I approach social justice work through an intersectional and analytical lens that bridges the power of storytelling with theoretical foundations. I am dedicated to challenging myself and others to think critically, holistically, and creatively through the head, the heart and the body.
Work Experience
• Faculty and facilitator for the Social Justice Training Institute
• Adjunct faculty for Higher Education and Student Affairs M.A. program, University of San Francisco
Higher Education.png
Higher Education
• Executive Director of Equity, Access, and Belonging, Cal Poly Pomona
• Assistant Professor, Department of Leadership Studies, University of San Francisco
• Co-Directors of the Cultural Centers, University of San Francisco.
• Resident Director, Santa Clara University
• Doctorate of Education in International and Multicultural Education with an emphasis in Human Rights Education, University of San Francisco
• Master of Science in Student Affairs in Higher Education with a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies, Colorado State University
• Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a certificate in Ministry, Gonzaga University
“As a facilitator, Ale is inclusive, thoughtful, and responsive to needs of the group. He readily connects with participants, uses personal examples to share concepts and model skills; and engages with compassionate accountability.”
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