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Foundations for Hope and Justice Consulting leads people and organizations in processes to both critique the injustices in our world, and envision a better world that we can create collectively.
My Approach
My approach to social justice and equity consulting is invitational and strengths-based.
My intention is to invite individuals and groups into honest reflections about their beliefs, ways of thinking and behaving. Through this reflective process, individuals choose how they may want to change, grow, or engage in healing.
Being strengths-based means I support individuals and groups to identify the gift and talents that will support their efforts to be more just and inclusive. By recognizing even the briefest moments of belonging and connection, we can harness the strengths that were used to create those moments to build movements of equity and belonging.
In my approach I also draw upon my experience as a faculty member in Leadership Studies and employ a theoretical framework that combines Organizational Theory, Critical Theory, Social Justice Theory and Change Management techniques to facilitate social change on the individual, group, and organizational levels. I focus on providing practical strategies and developing tangible competencies through a humanistic lens.
  • Workshops and Trainings
    I provide workshops and trainings that can range from 60 minutes to multi-day retreats. I have worked with audiences ranging from undergraduate and graduate students to professional staff and faculty in higher education settings. I work closely with the organization to assess the needs of the audience and create specific learning outcomes to best serve the group. I use a mix of lecture, small and large group dialogue, personal reflection, media, and artistic expression to engage the audience in meaningful learning and building capacity for social change. Possible Topics Include: Team Assessments (*Certified in the following assessments) Strengths Finder* Intercultural Development Inventory* The Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile* Creating Healthy Spaces for Men of Color on College Campuses The Roots of my Masculinity: Exploring Manhood and Defining Healthy Masculinities Investing in my Strengths and Nourishing my Culture Wealth: Empowering First Generation Students of Color Strategies for White Women Supervisors to Better Support Men of Color Student Leaders
  • Individual and Team Coaching
    I provide both short term (3-6 sessions) and on-going coaching for both individuals and teams. My coaching framework is grounded in personal and professional leadership development through an equity lens that foregrounds identity and focuses on skills for deeper self-awareness and authenticity. My goals as a coach are to support individuals and teams to: clarify and ignite their purpose and professional journey; be more actively aligned with their values; develop skills to lead and manage change; and deepen their capacity to work towards justice and create belonging. I am certified in the Strengths Finder assessment, the Intercultural Development Inventory (the IDI); and the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP). Each assessment provides valuable data for reflection and growth. We can choose any combination of these assessments to anchor the coaching process and this will be based upon the needs of the client.
  • Organizational Development and Leadership Consulting
    I work with organizations and individual leaders to co-create and implement long term change plans rooted in equity, access, and social justice. Partnerships can range from 3-months to a year; and I work closely with the organization to assess its current capacity for change and identify strategic goals for development. Possible Topics Include: Team Assessments (*Certified in the following assessments) Strengths Finder* Intercultural Development Inventory* The Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile* Interviews Focus Groups Document analysis Individual and Group Coaching
  • Keynotes and Speaking Engagements
    As a speaker, I engage audiences by combining conceptual frameworks with personal storytelling to invite participants to think deeper about their own stories, gain new knowledge about social justice issues, and leave inspired to develop the skills necessary to create change. Keynotes can range in length and the content will be tailored specifically to the themes of the event.
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“Ale has challenged me at various points of my professional journey to deconstruct and to reconstruct. As a coach, he has guided me towards meaningful ways to spark and sustain social change in leadership roles. As a result of Ale's mentorship I bring a higher level of awareness to educational spaces and I feel more prepared for humanizing, inclusive communication.”
Let's Grow Together
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